• 1.1. wave goodbye
  • 1.2. little lords
  • 1.3. ever thought of coming back
  • 1.4. words
  • 1.5. mystery
  • 1.6. summer's easy feeling
  • 1.7. memory collector
  • 1.8. birdies singing
  • 1.9. the rabbit hugged the hound
  • 1.10. the sun comes through
  • 1.11. winter girl
  • 1.12. prank calls
  • 1.13. no world like the world

stoltz, kelley

below the branches


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San Francisco home-recording multi-instrumentalist Kelley Stoltz spent the better part of the past three years promoting and distributing his last album himself. "I finished Antique Glow in 2001, but found myself without a label when it was ready for release. So, being a vinyl nut, I decided to press up a couple hundred and, to save some money, painted all the covers myself. I sold them at shows and stores all around San Francisco. After that the record took on a life of its own." And, this life of its own involved an eventual domestic CD release on San Francisco's Jackpine Social Club, as well as considerable UK press attention. Antique Glow garnered a 4-star review and a "Mojo Rising" feature in MOJO magazine, as well as critical praise in ... read more