• 1.1. memoriam
  • 1.2. deficit
  • 1.3. 1777
  • 1.4. cheyenne
  • 1.5. burial
  • 1.6. ethel
  • 1.7. lebaron
  • 1.8. memorial (featuring chelsea wolfe)
02. November 2013
Genre: Postrock

russian circles



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Perhaps the most immediately apparent characteristic of the fifth RUSSIAN CIRCLES album, "Memorial" is its wide range of emotion. Vacillating from somber-yet-soaring melodies on one track to pummeling metal heft on the next, "Memorial" sounds like an album with split personalities. "We've always tried to balance our metal-influenced sounds with more nuanced, pretty, orchestral elements," Cook says. "But this time, it's far more polarized in that the heavy parts are much more blown out and exaggerated while the pretty moments are far more restrained, delicate, and atmospheric." In the two years since RUSSIAN CIRCLES released their landmark fourth album "Empros", the Chicago trio toured worldwide nearly incessantly, encountering many heavy acts whose ... read more