• 1.1. open up and wail
  • 1.2. the boat
  • 1.3. do you pray
  • 1.4. valentine
  • 1.5. congratulations joe
  • 1.6. god deciding (hwm song)
  • 1.7. fixin to die (bob dylan cover)
  • 1.8. symmetry
  • 1.9. dream of a miners child
  • 1.10. it's what you will
  • 1.11. for broken ears
  • 1.12. california burrito

ragan, chuck

los feliz


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Good-intentioned philosophers may try to boil life down to one universal truth or "secret," but they're missing the point. Ultimately, life is composed of so many experiences, emotions and relationships that it's impossible to break it down like a chemical compound. Chuck Ragan has always understood that dichotomy, whether he was screaming over buzzing guitars in Hot Water Music or pouring his heart out over a bed of acoustic instrumentation. Now more than ever, Ragan's music personifies life's beauty and struggles with equal aplomb. Recorded on February 19 in Los Feliz, California, Los Feliz captures a very spontaneous performance of songs in a setting that isn't contrived or overly scrutinized. "We set up the show and played it a week later," Ragan ... read more