• 1.1. reasons to quit
  • 1.2. too sick to pray
  • 1.3. walkin'
  • 1.4. it's not supposed to be that way
  • 1.5. pick up the tempo
  • 1.6. i gotta get drunk
  • 1.7. can i sleep in your arms
  • 1.8. heartaches of a fool
  • 1.9. permanently lonely
  • 1.10. the last thing i needed (first thing this morning)
  • 1.11. the party's over


to willie


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In 1975 Willie Nelson recorded the album "To Lefty From Willie", 10 songs in which Nelson pays homage to Lefty Frizell, reinterpreting his favorites from the Frizzell catalog and stamping them with his own unique voice, reshaping them into his own new classics. Now Phosphorescent has done the same for Willie Nelson by bringing us "To Willie". Here, Matthew Houck has selected 11 of his favorite Willie Nelson songs and does much more than just simply cover them. He has not selected the greatest hits, but rather digs deep, offering renditions of hidden Nelson gems and lost classics. The songs collected here seem cracked from Phosphorescent's proprietary mold with Matthew Houck's unmistakable voice leading the way. They feel lived in, they feel weathered ... read more