• 1.1. closer
  • 1.2. young
  • 1.3. turn
  • 1.4. sun bear
  • 1.5. sunray
  • 1.6. lil' joy
  • 1.7. with age
  • 1.8. rivers
  • 1.9. a turreted berg
28. Januar 2011
Genre: Indie

my disco

little joy


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Garnering increasing acclaim in their native Australia with their first two albums, Melbourne trio MY DISCO releases its third full-length, the truly brilliant and enigmatic "Little Joy". As always with MY DISCO, the most fascinating and unique element to their sound is space - long, deep, sometimes scary space. Their defiance of rock music's time-worn tropes is what defines them, and "Little Joy" explores and expands on that concept, stretching a naked few instruments to transform short blasts into heavy, rhythmic, meditative body music. The bare bones of a drum beat, a rumbling bass, one repeated phrase and some bursts of feedback add up to a wholly compelling world of sounds between sounds. Shards of vaguely recognizable post-punk riffs fuse ... read more