• 1.1. barcelona city tour
  • 1.2. skeleton
  • 1.3. strange ones
  • 1.4. fun at the geysers
  • 1.5. candle man
  • 1.6. orange
  • 1.7. doing it right
  • 1.8. thank you for coming over
  • 1.9. bye, imbecile!
  • 1.10. divorce
  • 1.11. epilogue
  • 1.12. sun
15. Juni 2018


sorpresa familia


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Facing the sort of obstacles that might, understandably, derail a fledgling band's career, MOURN instead forged ahead, and in typical fashion managed to harness their swirling anger, frustration, and passion from the past 2 years into new music. Now, only just recently freed from their legal binds, MOURN is back in full force to share their 3rd full-length album, Sorpresa Familia. Ironically, the obstacles and injustice MOURN have faced in recent years has provided a fertile foundation for new songs that display a palpable maturity and evolution, while retaining every bit of the fiery angst and attitude that has shaped their sound from the start. Chock full of tension and pent up frustration, Sorpresa Familia feels tonally right at home within ... read more