• 1.1. desert mind
  • 1.2. lay down
  • 1.3. feel my grace
  • 1.4. ride
  • 1.5. crawl
  • 1.6. hole to china
  • 1.7. catch the fire
  • 1.8. murder of crows
  • 1.9. motel neon
  • 1.10. yesterday's gone
  • 1.11. red supergiant
23. August 2013
Genre: Stonerrock

miss lava

red supergiant


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2013 looks to be the year in which the country of Portugal will finally score a significant footprint on the global stoner rock map, thanks to Lisbon's self-described "authentic rock'n'roll disaster band"... Miss Lava to you. Not that the quartet comprised of vocalist Johnny Lee, guitarist K. Raffah, bassist S. Rebelo and drummer J. Garcia, was born just yesterday. In fact, Miss Lava has been snapping guitar strings, bashing drum skins, and tearing shins across the floorboards of European stages for half a decade already; having inaugurated their recording endeavors with a self-titled, blood-red vinyl EP in 2008, and quickly followed with their debut full-length album, Blues for the Dangerous Miles, towards the end of 2009. These precocious portents ... read more