• 1.1. fourth dimension
  • 1.2. in the mire
  • 1.3. magma
  • 1.4. brotherhood of eternal love
  • 1.5. sleepy warm
  • 1.6. the great divide
  • 1.7. karma
  • 1.8. the fall
  • 1.9. alpha
  • 1.10. the oracle
  • 1.11. terra
  • 1.12. doom machine
  • 1.13. god feeds the swine (bonus track)
  • 1.14. feel surreal (bonus track)
  • 1.15. red atlantis (bonus track)
05. Februar 2021
Genre: Stonerrock

miss lava

doom machine


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'Doom Machine' ranges from riff-raff extravaganza to psychedelic and eerie swirls amid hypnotic interludes. Lisbon's premier heavy rockers Miss Lava are back with 'Doom Machine', the perfect soundtrack for your post-lockdown world. The band's fourth album will launch through Small Stone Records early in 2021. "This album reflects on how each one of us can breed and unleash our own self-destructive force, assembled to be part of a giant Doom Machine," states singer and lyricist Johnny Lee. It is the band's densest sonic output, emotionally reeling from the tragic death of guitarist K. Raffah's baby son and from all the other members' children born during the creative process. "'Doom Machine' is a very emotional experience for us... [my son] was only ... read more