• 1.1. ever get drunk and...? edinburgh
  • 1.2. joking and lying / jack in the box: extreme bowling
  • 1.3. truth or dare / dogs: tube steak sex guys
  • 1.4. leaning in chelsea, born gay, gay brother, sneezing
  • 1.5. movie / deep friend stuffed cheeseburger: what kind of animal? / red tide / abor
  • 1.6. the right stuff
  • 1.7. girlfriend / american airlines: scientists
  • 1.8. grandmother
  • 1.9. revolve (the complete new testament in the form of a teen magazine)
  • 1.10. swearing in russian / immigrating
  • 1.11. letters to nouns
  • 1.12. horses talking / bathroom door
  • 1.13. coupons for the audience
  • 1.14. driving and thinking
  • 1.15. the goodnight song

mirman, eugene

en garde, society!


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Eugene Mirman is a comedian, writer, and film maker based in New York City (where, according to commercials, salsa is terrible). In 2004, Eugene released The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman, a CD/DVD on Suicide Squeeze Records. The album was voted one of the Best Albums of 2004 by both The Onion and Time Out New York. His weekly standup-variety show Invite Them Up, which he co-produces with Bobby Tisdale and Holly Schlesinger, recently won a Nightlife Award from an organization called The Nightlife Awards. No one knows exactly who they are, but Tony Danza was there and so was one of the Golden Girls. In late 2005, Comedy Central Records released a 3-CD + DVD Invite Them Up set. Recorded live at Piano's in New York City in October of 2005, En ... read more