• 1.1. wait till the stars burn
  • 1.2. tribute to the pharaoh's den
  • 1.3. (white nile) flows through memphis
  • 1.4. a hard rain's gotta fall
  • 1.5. theme of yahya
  • 1.6. mister mystery
  • 1.7. xango rising
  • 1.8. the world will never know
  • 1.9. trail of tears
  • 1.10. follow the mantis
  • 1.11. hal
30. Oktober 2020
Genre: Jazz

king khan

the infinite ones


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Interstellar space jazz feat. Marshall Allen & Knoel Scott (Sun Ra Arkestra) and John Convertino & Martin Wenk (Calexico) Sometimes a work of art comes unintentionally from a place from deep within the soul. It meanders and flops onto a table and sits and waits for its birth. The album begins with "Wait Till The Stars Burn", a planetary ode to the Sun. The second track "Tribute to the Pharoahs Den", is a requiem for Danny Ray Thompson (R.I.P.) of the Sun Ra Arkestra, his music and legacy now floating above us in the infinity of space. Both tracks and featuring Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott (of the Sun Ra Arkestra). The album ends with a requiem for Hal Willner (R.I.P.) whose devotion to celebrating the weird and insane was like an insatiable thirst ... read more