• 1.1. universal daughter
  • 1.2. i do dream you
  • 1.3. tiny holes
  • 1.4. circles of sorrow
  • 1.5. the garden pt. 1
  • 1.6. hessesopoa
  • 1.7. the garden pt. 2
  • 1.8. golden drawings
  • 1.9. liquid coffee
  • 1.10. nothing makes sense
31. Januar 2005
Label: SUB POP
Genre: Indie

jennifer gentle



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Hailing from Padova, Italy, Jennifer Gentle is not a girl. Jennifer Gentle is, in fact, a band made up of singer/guitarist Marco Fasolo and drummer Alessio Gastaldello (joined by various accomplices when they play live). Valende is their third full-length, and ?rst for Sub Pop. The record was, like its predecessors, home-recorded by Marco and Alessio and it's a psych pop charmer, drawing on the band's own brand of musical dementia: an almost impossible-to-describe melting pot of whacked experimentation, deep fried eccentricity and acoustic beauty, drawing judiciously on the band's long-term fascination with Syd Barrett, 13th Floor Elevators, and Joe Meek production techniques. Jennifer Gentle is also the first Italian band Sub Pop has ever signed ... read more