• 1.1. the other side of this life
  • 1.2. somebody to love
  • 1.3. the farm
  • 1.4. greasy heart
  • 1.5. good shepherd
  • 1.6. plastic fantastic lover
  • 1.7. uncle sam blues
  • 1.8. volunteers
  • 1.9. white rabbit
  • 1.10. won't you try / saturday afternoon
  • 1.11. jam
  • 1.12. we can be together
  • 1.13. 3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds

jefferson airplane

at golden gate park


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The first authorised release of the Psychedelic legends' classic San Francisco Golden Gate Park gig from 7th May 1969 (which featured feloow local heroes The Grateful Dead as a co-headline). Although Jefferson's memorable performance has been available in the past in the form of poor quality bootlegs, this CD release marks its first authorised release. Using the very best available audio source, the concert has been meticulously restored and have never sounded better. The gig features tracks from the recently released 'Volunteers' album, alongside live favourites from the band's earlier days including the iconic singles, White Rabbit and Somebody To Love. Also featured are three rarities in the form of one of their trademark improvised jams which ... read more