• 1.1. intro [from "rettet die wale"]
  • 1.2. we shall overcome
  • 1.3. little weird grrrl
  • 1.4. linzserenade
  • 1.5. genua
  • 1.6. one hand mona
  • 1.7. mein bruder
  • 1.8. da, am monopol
  • 1.9. rettet die wale
21. März 2005
Label: MOSZ
Genre: Indie


rettet die wale


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Besides her artistic work Eva Jantschitsch was co-founding the musical formations Metrosau, Motorsau and Songs of Suspects. Since the end of 2002 she focusses on her solo-projekt Gustav. Like all previous Mosz releases "Rettet die Wale" [mosz005] is an artist's first album. Behind the name 'Gustav' hides a female musician with mainly a Fine Arts background. Though the "Rettet die Wale" is quite the opposite of Metalycée's "Another White Album" [mosz004] it can also be considered a pop album in a wider sense. Each piece on this CD is electronically based, but structured like a classic popsong. They are put into perspective by the fragile voice of Gustav herself. The title of the CD might seem kitschy and concerned but in fact Gustav wittily uses ... read more