• 1.1. there is a valley
  • 1.2. big painter
  • 1.3. never ending happening
  • 1.4. this world
  • 1.5. the healing day
  • 1.6. city of dreams
  • 1.7. be at peace with yourself
  • 1.8. jesus, etc.
  • 1.9. empires
  • 1.10. thank you lord
  • 1.11. cosmic concerto (life is people)
  • 1.12. the coast no man can tell

fay, bill

life is people


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An underground legend with devoted fans such as Jeff Tweedy and Nick Cave, Bill Fay's new album is his first proper studio album since 1971. "Life is People" features a duet with Jeff Tweedy, a backing band of Mike Deighton (Oasis, Paul Weller, Mother Earth), Tim Weller (Goldfrapp), Mikey Rowe (High Flying Birds, Stevie Nicks), and a moving rendition of Wilco's classic "Jesus Etc." Bill Fay is one of English music's best kept secrets. At the dawn of the 1970s, he was a one-man song factory, with a piano that spilled liquid gold and a voice every bit the equal of Ray Davies, John Lennon, early Bowie, or Procol Harum's Gary Brooker. He made two solo albums but his contract wasn't renewed, which left his LPs and his reputation to become cult items. But ... read more