• 1.1. chinatown
  • 1.2. blue eyes
  • 1.3. savage night at the opera
  • 1.4. suicide demo for kara walker
  • 1.5. poor in love
  • 1.6. kaputt
  • 1.7. downtown
  • 1.8. song for america
  • 1.9. the laziest river [bonus track]
  • 1.10. bay of pigs




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Destroyer is Dan Bejar from Vancouver, British Columbia. "Kaputt" is his latest vision: an opulent, lyrical, game-changing masterpiece to rank with the choicest works of Sade, Scritti Politti, Simply Red and Steely Dan. For a more contemporary touchstone, feel free to consider it the sad-eyed psychic cousin of GAYNGS' smooth opus Relayted. These elaborate songs were lovingly crafted by a large studio ensemble of dedicated players; they are given fresh life on the road by an eight-piece touring band which will visit European shores for the first time this year. "Kaputt" was released by the good people of Merge in North America, entering the Billboard chart at number 62 and receiving exultant hosannas from such august publications as The New York ... read more