• 1.1. brave new apocalypse
  • 1.2. cycles
  • 1.3. manifesto
  • 1.4. repeat repeat
  • 1.5. universal
  • 1.6. adoration
  • 1.7. dead muse
  • 1.8. bring me the head of the music critic
  • 1.9. all the same
  • 1.10. create to destroy
  • 1.11. song i never wanted
02. Oktober 2015
Genre: Elektro


brave new apocalypse


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CHANT's signature tribal driven sound immersed within a modern take on classic industrial - full of punk rock DIY venom, calling out ironic hypocrisies & playing off of every generation's obsession of the end. Add an extra dose of grinding guitar blasts, haunting noise loops and a mixing assault from the ultra heavy beat creator Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM), CHANT's Bradley Bills returns with his most dynamic record to date. Brave New Apocalypse screams the heartbreaking truth that nothing lasts forever, but contends that something new always rises.