• 1.1. little sister
  • 1.2. my way of thinking
  • 1.3. dusty
  • 1.4. danny
  • 1.5. mean mama
  • 1.6. busy izzy
  • 1.7. thunderbird esq
  • 1.8. bad man
  • 1.9. to love somebody
  • 1.10. love u doll
  • 1.11. married men
  • 1.12. poppington station
  • 1.13. nobody loves the hulk
14. Mai 2021
Label: RUM BAR
Genre: Garage

beebe galini



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FFO: Detroit Cobras, Gore Gore Girls, Reigning Sound, Shangri-Las, The Castaways, Female-Fronted Garage Pop. Beebe Gallini wants you to get down to garage standards, should-have-been hits, and all new classics. Bring your dancing shoes as we beg, borrow and steal our way into your hearts! Makers of live garage rock, girl group, musical goodness. Rocking female vocals, good time beats and howling guitar leads come together to rock the party and get the good times rolling. Beebe Gallini continues rocking parties, bars and ski lodges while writing instant classic tunes and unearthing more hits from old stacks of records. "Beebee Girl Has' It' Goin On!" Genya Ravan. // "This is frickin' amazing! Is there such a thing as modern retro? I swear I heard at ... read more