• 1.1. three triangles
  • 1.2. a slow unfolding of wings
  • 1.3. terrors of pleasure
  • 1.4. dying giants
  • 1.5. all i need is space
  • 1.6. the endless shimmering
  • 1.7. mullally
  • 1.8. i'll share a life
  • 1.9. chrysalism

and so i watch you from afar

the endless shimmering


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CD Digipak. Instinct. We all know what it is, but are hard pressed to acknowledge just how it guides us. Instinct subtly defines our identities, despite our attempts to defy it. The Endless Shimmering, the fifth album by Belfast, Northern Ireland quartet And So I Watch You From Afar, is the sound of a band operating on its purest instincts. Every individual is an algorithm of prior lives and experience acting as its own sovereign entity. Every band is itself a combined algorithm of those instincts, driven by unconscious will to replicate itself in the world as if it were flesh and blood like the people who embody it. The Endless Shimmering is visceral and expressive - decidedly alive and purely instinctual; not conceptualized or postured. It's ... read more