• 1.1. eunoia
  • 1.2. big thinks do remarkable
  • 1.3. like a mouse
  • 1.4. ambulance
  • 1.5. the stay golden
  • 1.6. rats on rock
  • 1.7. trails
  • 1.8. mend and make safe
  • 1.9. ka ba ta bo da ka
  • 1.10. things amazing
  • 1.11. all hail bright futures
  • 1.12. young brave minds

and so i watch you from afar

all hail bright futures


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AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR's third album "All Hail Bright Futures" could be taken as both an ethos for the album and the band at this point in time. There is a new color scheme in place: new textures, emotions, sounds and voices. The 12-track, 43 minute album is dominated by a sunnier disposition, a positive uplift that more closely matches the euphoria the Northern Ireland trio has been instilling in audiences through their music in a live setting for the last five years. There are moments of tropical guitar pop ('Rats On Rock'), percussive bleeping song foundations paired with infectious vocals ('The Stay Golden'), a trumpet arrangement ('Young Brave Minds'), an orchestral interlude '(Trails'), singalong mantras ('Big Things Do Remarkable'), ... read more