• 1.1. my name is aethon
  • 1.2. into lazarus pit
  • 1.3. city of insolence
  • 1.4. blackbull
  • 1.5. awaken
  • 1.6. grenade
  • 1.7. porto leone
  • 1.8. shipwrecker
  • 1.9. under shade
  • 1.10. nostos
  • 1.11. against the oppressors
  • 1.12. order through chaos
25. Juni 2021
Genre: Metal


order through chaos


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A thrash/deathcore amazing album! Aethon is an ancient Greek word meaning "burning" or "blazing", it is usually applied to horses in Greek mythology featuring as the name of horses for Helios, Ares and Hector. Aethon the band are a Greek thrash/punk band with some groovy riffs. Sounding like a mix of LOG and Hatebreed. Their album has a lot of aggressive music with touches of thrash and hardcore but also tunes of traditional metal guitar solos which makes it a rewarding listen, as both the guitar and bass work is excellent. With 12 musically dense tracks and some very good harsh vocals (that are understandable) Order Through Chaos did sort of come out of nowhere. The Greeks have produced an album full of chunky groove metal that balances some musical ... read more