• 1.1. never coming back
  • 1.2. execution
  • 1.3. there's only one of us
  • 1.4. situations changes
  • 1.5. too tough to kill
  • 1.6. frustrated operator
  • 1.7. look me in the eye
  • 1.8. was it electric
  • 1.9. i know i've done bad things
  • 1.10. act your age
  • 1.11. attitude
  • 1.12. keep moving on

a place to bury strangers



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Their fifth full-length finds A Place To Bury Strangers converting difficult moments into some of their most urgent work to date. It's their first since the 2016 election, and their first since the 2014 closing of Death By Audio, the beloved Brooklyn DIY space where founding guitarist/singer Oliver Ackerman lived, worked, and created with complete freedom. Pinned opens with "Never Coming Back," a frightening crescendo of group vocals, vertiginous guitar work, and bassist Dion Lunadon's unrelenting bass. "That song is a big concept," Ackermann says. "You make these decisions in your life.you're contemplating whether or not this will be the end. You think of your mortality, those moments you could die and what that means. You're thinking about that ... read more