• 1.1. nothing to declare
  • 1.2. totally spies (ft lafawndah)
  • 1.3. nightflame (ft orion sun)
  • 1.4. anthology
  • 1.5. discipline
  • 1.6. bless grips
  • 1.7. easyjet
  • 1.8. candace parker (ft muqata'a)
  • 1.9. no more kings
  • 1.10. capitol (ft alli logout)
  • 1.11. sixteen
  • 1.12. spirit airlines
  • 1.13. crown
  • 1.14. more victories (ft m. téllez)
  • 1.15. seven
  • 1.16. lead level 15 (ft ase manual)
12. August 2022
Genre: Dance

700 bliss

nothing to declare


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700 Bliss is the forward-thinking duo of DJ Haram and Moor Mother. Their first full length for Hyperdub is an album of noise rap that ties together the raw edges of club music and hip hop with punk energy, jazz, house-party catharsis, percussion-heavy analogue sound design, and cheeky skits, ranging from experimental rap tracks with rolling hi hats and lyrical bravado, to poetry set to noise and sound collage. Moor Mother and DJ Haram started collaborating in 2014 and eventually formed 700 Bliss, a blistering live act in Philly's DIY scene, releasing their 2018 debut, Spa 700 on Halcyon Veil / Don Giovanni Records. Since that time, both artists have grown global followings. Moor Mother is a prolific solo artist and collaborator, writer, and member of ... read more