• 1.1. i just wanted to see you so bad
  • 1.2. the night's too long
  • 1.3. abandoned
  • 1.4. big red sun blues
  • 1.5. like a rose
  • 1.6. changed the locks
  • 1.7. passionate kisses
  • 1.8. am i too blue
  • 1.9. crescent city
  • 1.10. side of the road
  • 1.11. price to pay
  • 1.12. i asked for water (he gave me gasoline)

williams, lucinda

lucinda williams

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Als Vorbote fürs neue Album im April 2014 hier das Album für Rough Trade von 1988 der Grande Dame des Country! Gatefold, 180 Gramm rotes Vinyl + Digital Download Card mit den Stücken der beiden Rough Trade 2xCD incl Eindhoven Live + incl Bonus Tracks Digital Download Card will include both the Rough Trade Album Eindhoven Live + Bonus Tracks Single disc of the Rough Trade Album on translucent red vinyl Package: Gatefold design with a lyric insert, 180 gram red vinyl, spot gloss on her cover name and back jacket song titles sitting on a matte varnish stock. Lucinda Williams reissues critically acclaimed 1988 Rough Trade album. out-of-print for 10 years and 25 years since its original release, the remastered two-disc, 25th anniversary release of Lucinda ... mehr lesen