• 1.1. kingdom of the sun
  • 1.2. drink another day
  • 1.3. ballad of a workshy man
  • 1.4. monsters in the light
  • 1.5. i hope they sell beer in hell
  • 1.6. don't you walk away
  • 1.7. fuck you my darling
  • 1.8. black island ferry
  • 1.9. captain o captain
  • 1.10. that bitch drank my whiskey
  • 1.11. all the time in the world
  • 1.12. evil ways
  • 1.13. grey grey grass

mr. irish bastard

the world, the flesh & the devil

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Grünes Vinyl inkl. Downloadcode! Even after 8 years on the road, playing over 500 shows in 16 countries - from Germany and Ukraine to China - MR. IRISH BASTARD are still fiends for tour life. Formed in 2006, the band consists of MR. IRISH BASTARD (guitar, vocals), Lady Lily (tin whistle), Gran E. Smith (banjo), Boeuf Strongenuff (bass), Ivo K'Nivo (drums) and can look back on some unforgettable shows around the world - especially supporting legendary folk punk heroes The Pogues, the Levellers and such like. And soon they will be joining Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys on stage at Reload Festival. MR. IRISH BASTARD are known in the Irish folk punk community around the world for mixing up a potent concoction of bar-room sing-alongs and dark ... mehr lesen