• 1.1. am i that easy to forget
  • 1.2. only mama that'll walk the line
  • 1.3. greyhound bus depot
  • 1.4. walk on out of my mind
  • 1.5. hangin' on
  • 1.6. victims of the night
  • 1.7. break my mind
  • 1.8. you can't imagine
  • 1.9. sweet thing
  • 1.10. no regrets
  • 1.11. dark end of the street
  • 1.12. you turned my head around
  • 1.13. it's a nice world to visit (but not to live in)
  • 1.14. sleep in the grass
  • 1.15. chico
10. November 2017
Genre: Country

hazlewood, lee & ann-margret

the cowboy & the lady

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* Album remastered from pristine LHI master tapes * Includes non-album LHI singles as bonus tracks * Download card for all of Ann-Margret's LHI tracks including previously unreleased tracks * Liner notes by Hunter Lea including interviews with Ann-Margret & Suzi Jane Hokom * Essay by Lydia Hyslop * LP housed in a deluxe gatefold Stoughton tip-on jacket The "Cowboy" moved slowly out of the booth and into the studio. You could tell by the look in his eyes, that the half-dozen shots of Chivas Regal had put his ego to rest, and he was ready to sing with the "Lady." They Sang for three nights - the "Cowboy" and the "Lady", and the Gods were kind, and their album was finished on time. Herein, lie the results.some good, some bad and some more. - Lee ... mehr lesen