• 1.1. sugartime
  • 1.2. down the street to 301
  • 1.3. life goes on
  • 1.4. port of lonely hearts
  • 1.5. cry! cry! cry!
  • 1.6. my treasure
  • 1.7. oh, lonesome me
  • 1.8. so doggone lonesome
  • 1.9. you're the nearest thing to heaven
  • 1.10. the story of a broken heart
  • 1.11. hey, porter!
  • 1.12. home of the blues

cash, johnny

now here's johnny cash

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2018 REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE EDITION OF THE CLASSIC SUN ALBUM ON HEAVYWEIGHT VINYL. THE FIRST 1,000 LPs ON LIMITED RED VINYL! The comprehensive remastering and repackaging upgrade of the Man In Black's legendary Sun catalogue continues with the release of Johnny Cash's fifth album for Sun Records, `Now Here's Johnny Cash'. Every track on this album had enjoyed single release between July 1955 and June 1961. Curated by Sun with Cash fans in mind, Now Here's... showcases Johnny's earthy style, melancholic mood and unique presentation that made him a steadfast tradition in American folk and country music. On songs such as "So Doggone Lonesome" can be heard his innate grace while under pressure, his vivid poetry is painted clearly on "Hey, Porter!", and ... mehr lesen