• 1.1. north
  • 1.2. south
  • 1.3. gotta stay young
  • 1.4. i'd have to be a stone
  • 1.5. blow me a kiss
  • 1.6. summertime's over
  • 1.7. everything i am
  • 1.8. i'm still loving you
  • 1.9. reinventing the wheel of love
  • 1.10. try try try again
  • 1.11. fleur de lys

blackie and the rodeo kings


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Über diesen Artikel

South represents a fresh creative step for Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, while embodying the qualities of rootsy musical uplift and quirky lyrical depth that have long distinguished the ensemble's varied output. The album's largely acoustic yet reliably punchy arrangements showcase the three songwriters' multiple strengths, while their organically energetic performances maintain the vibrant chemistry that's kept Blackie a consistently vital and distinctive musical force.