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03.11.2017 | 10:00

Chris #2 von ANTI-FLAG präsentiert seine Top 5!

Happy Release Day, ANTI-FLAG! "American Fall" erscheint heute. Die güldene Version ist längst ausverkauft, aber schwarz hätten wir noch anzubieten. Und da ANTI-FLAG ja auch bekannt dafür sind, Geber zu sein, legen sie noch einen drauf: Wir bekommen nicht nur ein neues Album, sondern auch die My Top 5 von Sänger/Bassist Chris #2! 
The Clash - London Calling
By far my favorite Clash record. It’s absolutely perfect. For American Fall I became a student of this record, studying their tempos, structures, the sequence. Searching for all of the reasons that this record makes me feel the way it does. The biggest take away I have from that research is that the band were absolutely true to themselves. The amount of guts it must’ve taken to go from London Calling to Brand New Cadillac in the sequence is insane. It’s one of the biggest inspirations for me when it came to making American Fall, be true to ourselves. Make the record we want, that’s the only thing we can actually control. 
Green Day - Dookie
This is the first record that made me feel like I could be in a band. The kids who made it had pimples and bad teeth, they looked like me, the ideas were so digestible, it was exactly what I needed to feel empowered enough to pick up a guitar learn 3 chords and try my best to tell the truth. 
Sam Cooke - Live at Harlem Square Club

HANDS DOWN THE BEST LIVE ALBUM OF ALL TIME! This record was recorded and shelved because it was considered “too aggressive” for Sam’s image. It wasn’t released until 20yrs later when someone found the masters at the label. It’s influenced me and the way we perform so much, there’s so much soul in this performance, I just want that same passion to come across, his voice, his interactions, the pacing of the set, it’s all absolutely perfect! Don’t Fight It. Feel It. 
The Homeless Gospel Choir - Normal
This one is a bit of cheating as I produced the record and we put it out on A-F Records, but honestly, it’s some of the most honest and true intentioned music I have heard in so long. The stories are real, the delivery is so sweet and kind, it truly is Derek bearing his heart and wearing it on his sleeve. I love the sounds we found to compliment his lyrics, people are really connecting to him as a person. It’s not perfect, it’s not clean, it’s not polished, but neither is Derek. 
Strike Anywhere - Change Is A Sound
This should be the definitive punk album of the 2000’s. When I first heard it I was instantly changed. Thomas’ lyrics are unmatched in their poetry and political focus, and his voice, fuck. I don’t think there is a bigger influence on how I sing than Thomas from Strike Anywhere. I was just learning how to find my voice when this record came out, it gave me confidence, it was a huge impact on learning how to sing, scream, and just pour yourself into a song no matter how many people may or may not hear it. 
american fall
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american spring
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die for the government
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live volume one
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the general strike - colored vinyl
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london calling
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dookie (180gr)
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iron front
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