• 1.1. home is where the heart is
  • 1.2. a little bit salty
  • 1.3. standing in the safety zone
  • 1.4. one more chance on love
  • 1.5. how long (has this been goin' on)
  • 1.6. i could never be satisfied
  • 1.7. something for my head
  • 1.8. a change is gonna come
  • 1.9. we've only just begun

womack, bobby

home is where the heart is

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180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE VINYL INSERT Bobby Womack's move to Columbia Records heralded a shift from the earthy deep Soul sensibility of his previous records to a slicker, more sophisticated approach in step with the changing sound of contemporary R&B. The transition not only proves seamless, but in fact Home Is Where the Heart Is (1976) looms as Womack's most compelling LP in some time. Recorded in both Muscle Shoals and Los Angeles, its disparate parts fit together like a well-oiled machine. Womack's wonderfully gruff vocals adapt well to the warmth and elegance of songs like "How Long", "Something for My Head" and "One More Chance on Love" and he performs with unprecedented passion and focus.