willis, nicole & the soul investigators

tell me when (we can start our love...)

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Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators are back with a brand new single, "Tell Me When (We Can Start Our Love Thing Once Again)" b/w "It's All Because Of You" is the simmering first double-side single from their upcoming LP "Tortured Soul", set for release on Helsinki-based Timmion Records, on February 8th 2013. On their sophomore effort Nicole and the Soul Investigators signature soul sound is clearly audible, but it also unearths rhythm & blues tainted licks and the pleas of unrequited love. "Tell Me When", with its commanding chorus, serves as a perfect vehicle over the aching 8 years between NW&TSI's release of the critically acclaimed "Keep Reachin' Up" and "Tortured Soul" 2013. NW&TSI's have evolved sound-wise, with brooding verses and ... mehr lesen