• 1.1. agile mobile & hostile
  • 1.2. you got it and i want it
  • 1.3. i can tell
  • 1.4. shake a tail feather
  • 1.5. i wanna be your favorite pair of pajamas
  • 1.6. car with the star
  • 1.7. i don't know why
  • 1.8. pussy stank
  • 1.9. get this love off my mind
  • 1.10. jail bait
  • 1.11. hallelujah

williams, andre

holland shuffle

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Über diesen Artikel

Andre takes the show on the road in the land of cheese, chocolate and relaxed vice laws with local B-3 driven soul monsters Green Hornet providin' the throttle! Mr. Rhythm is at his best, deliverin' a rampage montage of his soul and R&B rippers with bits of philosophy and advice thrown in for all big bootie girls and associated minions! Superb sound, sensational performance! Recorded live at Vera, Groningen, Holland, Dec. 19, 2001.