• 1.1. i never loved a woman (the way i love you)
  • 1.2. old friend (you asked me if i miss her)
  • 1.3. up tight good woman
  • 1.4. that's how much i love you
  • 1.5. take me just as i am
  • 1.6. i'm a poor man's son
  • 1.7. lonely man
  • 1.8. he's too old
  • 1.9. anything you do is alright
  • 1.10. i'll be true to you
  • 1.11. sweet sixteen
  • 1.12. the power of a woman
  • 1.13. lover's crime
  • 1.14. once in a while (is better than never at all)
02. Februar 2018
Genre: Soul/Funk

wiggins, spencer

the goldwax years

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Über diesen Artikel

Though Spencer Wiggins did not make the R&B charts until his Fame 45 'Double Lovin' in 1970, it is his eight Goldwax singles, released in the latter half of the 60s, for which he is rightly famous among soul fans. They epitomise Memphis soul, veering from deep melancholic ballads to raucous uptempo groovers. Wiggins' fans dig every aspect of his music; his voice is ideal for the southern soul sound. That genre is close to the blues and 'Lover's Crime', his first 45 on the Bandstand subsidiary, was an early Isaac Hayes composition of that ilk. 'Sweet Sixteen', which was unreleased until 1977, is a full-on blues, but presumably not issued by Goldwax as they wanted to keep Spencer known as a soul singer, even though he excels on the number. Goldwax's ... mehr lesen