• 1.1. a house is not a home
  • 1.2. people
  • 1.3. they long to be close to you
  • 1.4. the last one to be loved
  • 1.5. land of make believe
  • 1.6. reach out for me
  • 1.7. you'll never get to heaven
  • 1.8. wishin' and hopin'
  • 1.9. i smiled yesterday
  • 1.10. walk on by
  • 1.11. get rid of him
  • 1.12. make the night a little longer
  • 1.13. anyone who had a heart (bonus)
  • 1.14. don't make me over (bonus)
  • 1.15. i cry alone (bonus)
  • 1.16. any old time (bonus)
  • 1.17. i could make you mine (bonus)
  • 1.18. this empty place (bonus)
  • 1.19. please make him love me (bonus)
29. Juni 2018
Genre: Soul/Funk

warwick, dionne

make way for dionne warwick

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Über diesen Artikel

Like so many great singers in history, East Orange, New Jersey native Dionne Warwick got her start in the church, and for the family gospel group, The Drinkard Singers. In the late 50s/early 60s she met Burt Bacharach at a recording session where she was singing backing vocals and the rest, as they say, is history. Warwick collaborated with the songwriting and production team of Bacharach and Hal David for dozens of massive hits, and this, her 3rd album, features some of the biggest and bets hits of her illustrious career, including "Walk On By", "You'll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart)", and "Reach Out for Me". Truly brilliant pop/R&B of the highest order. Featuring 7 bonus tracks!