• 1.1. better things to do (from i learned
  • 1.2. strictly reserved for you (from vic
  • 1.3. sinner (from cold world) - naomi sh
  • 1.4. hot shot (from look closer) - saun
  • 1.5. dirty money (from antibalas) - anti
  • 1.6. inspiration information (from soul
  • 1.7. the traitor (from make the road by
  • 1.8. heartaches and pain (from no time f
  • 1.9. unbroken, unshaven (from the budos
  • 1.10. retreat! (from give the people what
  • 1.11. witches boogaloo (from what the wor
  • 2.1. look closer (can't you see the sign
  • 2.2. keep coming back (from the crossing
  • 2.3. i learned the hard way (from i lear
  • 2.4. got to get back to my baby (from wh
  • 2.5. aphasia (from burnt offering) - the
  • 2.6. out of the wilderness (previously r
  • 2.7. little boys with shiny toys (previo
  • 2.8. you got to move (previously unrelea
  • 2.9. luv jones (previously released on 4
  • 2.10. thunderclap (previously unreleased)
18. September 2015
Genre: Soul/Funk


daptone gold vol.2

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Über diesen Artikel

Vinyl inkl. Downloadcode! Six years after the release of acclaimed greatest hits and rarities collection Daptone Gold, Daptone Records announces the release of Daptone Gold II on September 18, 2015. Where the original put a spotlight on Daptone's unique sonic mission, Daptone Gold II reveals just how far things have come, packed with favourites from the last six years, along with tracks previously unavailable or only obtainable via 45. The release also follows Daptone's 2014 Super Soul Revue, a series of shows that saw the entire Daptone roster perform together, culminating in three sold out nights at the world famous Apollo Theater. This new double album brings fans up to date with the Brooklyn label that has become a premier source of new soulful ... mehr lesen