27. März 2015
Genre: Soul/Funk

power to the people

power to the people/i'm ready to know you

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Über diesen Artikel

The gospel singer Dani Reus (Miami) is an explosive frontman. Twelve amazing musicians with an impressive six member brass section. They have recently introduced their first debut single at "Madrid es Negro" festival 2015. In Spain, Power To The People is a one of a kind band who was formed with the idea to be a tribute band to one of the most famous and powerful bands of all times, the Oakland's (California) Tower of Power. Saxophonist Bobby Martinez (Philadelphia) created this experienced band with an impressive six member brass section and a solid & groovy base. They called to the gospel singer Dani Reus (Miami) to lead the band on stage. Power to the People, the authentic colossus of the "groovadelic" language, their music offer an electrifying ... mehr lesen