• 1.1. sooner or later
  • 1.2. how long until someday
  • 1.3. stronger in the end
  • 1.4. help me
  • 1.5. i could never get tired
  • 1.6. it's over
  • 1.7. the cry
  • 1.8. it had to change
  • 1.9. why?
  • 1.10. oh, mary

knight, sonny & the lakers

sooner or later

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Vitality is defined as the power to live or grow, and perseverance pertains to the qualities of moving forward when an obstacle stands in your way. The music of soul man Sonny Knight brims with these essential life traits because he exudes them. Along with his 7-piece powerhouse band, The Lakers, the 68 year-old retired truck driver has created a sound that extends much deeper than throwback soul. After the band's 2014 debut album, I'm Still Here, came to fruition quicker than anyone expected, Sonny Knight and The Laker's released a live double album the following year. Since then they've been crisscrossing the globe bringing their hard-hitting sound to theaters, performing arts centers, festivals, and night clubs. Now, the band's sophomore studio ... mehr lesen