jones, sharon & the dap-kings


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back in stock / b/w "Genuine Pt.2" / 7inch only cuts / What's the best damned thing you can think of? Forget that. This is the best damned thing you can think of: Bam! Genuine. Some records make you laugh. Some, they make you cry. But before you drop the needle on Genuine, you'd better strap on a diaper cause this record will make you SHIT YOUR PANTS! It's an out-of-sight popcorn syncopation that will have your gasping for air. The renown Queen Of Funk lays it down while the incomparable Dap-Kings rhythm section locks down on a strange jagged groove punctuated with surgical precision by the bap-bap-bap-BAP of the horns. This 45' should be tossed mercifully to any funk DJ floundering over a lethargic dance floor, because it's Uptight, Funky, and ... mehr lesen