• 1.1. hello again
  • 1.2. ev'rytime we say goodbye
  • 1.3. what kind of girl (do you think i am)
  • 1.4. don't blame me
  • 1.5. detour ahead
  • 1.6. time after time
  • 1.7. i don't want no mama's boy (bonustrack)
  • 1.8. it's over
  • 1.9. never let me go
  • 1.10. each night i cry
  • 1.11. saving my love for you
  • 1.12. pledging my love
  • 1.13. the man i love
  • 1.14. have you ever heard the blues (bonustrack)
07. Dezember 2018
Genre: Soul/Funk

franklin, erma

her name is erma

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Über diesen Artikel

Erma Franklin was born in 1938 in Shelby, MS, but was raised - with her sisters, Aretha and Carolyn - in Detroit, MI. The son of the legendary preacher, gospel musician, and civil rights activist Rev. C.L. Franklin, Erma grew up singing in the church, like so many other R&B and soul greats of the time. After recording backing vocals with her sister, Erma got the chance in 1962 to cut her debut LP. Though she would only record one more LP and retire from music entirely in the 1970s, this debut shows a singer just as talented as her more famous sister. A husky, soul belter of a voice is showcased here, with all the tracks from the original LP plus MORE!