• 1.1. move on up
  • 1.2. memphis
  • 1.3. south leo st. stomp
  • 1.4. concussion
  • 1.5. i don't want to play that
  • 1.6. tacoma black party
  • 1.7. top going down, bottom going up

delvon lamarr organ trio

live at kexp!

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The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio may have this KEXP session to thank for much of the notoriety they have received since it first premiered. Since then, they've secured a record deal, a world renowned booking agent, a publishing deal, and international sponsorships. This session was released on vinyl for the first time for Record Store Day 2018, marking the first full KEXP session ever to be pressed on vinyl. Now it's available once again on black vinyl, CD, and cassette.