• 1.1. hard time killin' floor blues
  • 1.2. got messed up
  • 1.3. miss maybelle
  • 1.4. wish i was in heaven sitting down
  • 1.5. too many ups
  • 1.6. nothin' man
  • 1.7. see what my buddy done
  • 1.8. my eyes (keep me in trouble)
  • 1.9. bad luck city
  • 1.10. chain of fools
  • 1.11. rl's story

burnside, r.l.

wish i was in heaven sitting down

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Über diesen Artikel

North Mississippi guitarist R.L. Burnside was one of the paragons of state-of-the-art Delta juke joint blues. The guitarist, singer and songwriter was born November 23, 1926 in Oxford, MS, and made his home in Holly Springs, in the hill country above the Delta. He lived most of his life in the Mississippi hill country, which, unlike the Delta region, consists mainly of a lot of small farms. He learned his music from his neighbor, Fred McDowell, and the highly rhythmic style that Burnside plays is evident in McDowell's recording as well. Despite the otherworldly country-blues sounds put down by Burnside and his family band, known as the Sound Machine, his other influences are surprisingly contemporary: Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Lightnin' ... mehr lesen