bradley, charles

strictly reserved for you / let love...

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Daptone Records is proud to present the latest and greatest single from Dunham Records and the "Screaming Eagle of Soul", Mr. Charles Bradley - "Strictly Reserved for You" b/w "Let's Give Love a Chance" from the latest full-length, Victim of Love. Fuzzed drenched guitar riffs and far-out sophisticated arrangements pepper the soulful sounds we've all come to love from CB and Co. On the A-Side, Bradley takes you on a psychedelic soul-ride out of the city and into the country - featuring world class backup vocals by Staten Island newest sensation, The Sha La Da's. When you drop the needle, find a nice chair and close your eyes - you'll be sitting shotgun with your arm catching the cool country air as an early model convertible takes the scenic route to ... mehr lesen