• 1.1. insouled in you
  • 1.2. nuclear power
  • 1.3. winds of god
  • 1.4. morning star
  • 1.5. your light
  • 1.6. many roads
  • 1.7. path of heart
  • 1.8. the harmony song
  • 1.9. light of me
  • 1.10. silent in the night
  • 1.11. arms of soul
  • 1.12. shine on
  • 1.13. humble home
  • 1.14. family of abraham
  • 1.15. lead me to the garden
  • 1.16. the road to go
  • 1.17. america be one man
  • 1.18. ka 'aina
02. August 2019
Genre: Soul/Funk


lead me to the garden

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Über diesen Artikel

The story begins in 1977. Two young men met in thetown of Ma?kaha on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i. Howard Shapiro and Michael Joao loved Ma?kaha's beautiful surf, uncrowded beaches, and homegrown music. They discovered a shared passion for music, but also for pressing issues like environmental protection, human rights, Native Hawaiian rights, and hunger and homelessness. Together they formed the band Earth, which they soon changed to 'A?ina, meaning land or earth in O?lelo Hawai'i, the Hawaiian language. During the 1970s, A?ina performed throughout O'ahu at various gatherings that addressed environmental protection and Native Hawaiian rights. In 1978, 'A?ina recorded a 7-inch single for Greenpeace, entitled "Greenpeace: To Save the Whales". In 1980, ... mehr lesen