• 1.1. hole
  • 1.2. piece of heaven
  • 1.3. killer
  • 1.4. spin
  • 1.5. wake up
  • 1.6. empire
  • 1.7. golden future
  • 1.8. slide
  • 1.9. no easy way
  • 1.10. fools
  • 1.11. strange alchemy
  • 1.12. make some room
26. Februar 2016

ochs, conny

future fables


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"We find and leave traces for the future. The lives that cross our paths and the lives we lead just as much as the dreams and visions we share - growing to be from what this future will be inspired and made of. This is the journey these songs are about." (Conny Ochs/ November 2015) Conny Ochs is heavily influenced by great rock and folk singer/songwriters like Woodie Guthrie, Townes van Zandt, Nick Drake and others. Yet through his mix of acoustic and electric guitars Conny bears one of the most incredible voices out there; a soulful and dynamic clean style that invokes incredibly emotive feelings from the listener, from absolute joy through the simple things life offers, or of purely melancholic end-time inner blues. After having finished and ... read more