• 1.1. intellectual thinking
  • 1.2. across the water (edit)
  • 1.3. music for all people
  • 1.4. everybody giggalo [digital only]
  • 1.5. don't hold your love [digital only]
  • 1.6. just say no (to drugs) [digital only]
  • 1.7. never say you love me [digital only]
  • 1.8. intellectual thinking (45 rpm) [digital only]
  • 1.9. just say no (to drugs) (dance mix) [digital only]
  • 1.10. across the water [digital only]
01. März 2019
Genre: Soul/Funk

new world music

intellectual thinking


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Pre-dotcom electro-funk from the long-running S.F. collective New World Music, gathering the best of their opium-hazed Macola-issued singles on one tidy 12". Winding keys loosely hug an over-worked 808, as a slapping, watery bass gallops alongside, the looming bummer of the mid-'80s drug war hanging heavy over the whole affair. Intellectual Thinking finds New World Music jamming towards a techno future that never arrived.