• 1.1. keep it to yourself
  • 1.2. ha, ha, ha
  • 1.3. that's what you got
  • 1.4. keep your hands off
  • 1.5. i've bet and i've lost again
  • 1.6. don't you dare tell her
  • 1.7. the hammer
  • 1.8. fishing pole
  • 1.9. tell me where i stand
  • 1.10. i believe you
  • 1.11. i found myself a man
  • 1.12. sometimes too much ain't enough

excitements, the

sometimes too much ain't enough

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The Excitements are a hardworking band, almost hyperactive, so when you are in a state of perpetual motion, things happen fast and time flies. Within six months of their first show in March 2010, the group was touring all over Europe, and recorded their first long play. The album was a totally unexpected success which led the band across the continent for a year and a half. It's sad to say, but "Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough", the second LP, surpasses its predecessor in all respects, and gives the impression that until now the band was just...warming up. The essence of their sound has not changed substantially over the debut: early Soul, R & B, and a hint of 50's gospel, but now fully developed, sharpened and fine tuned. Just listen to it, and see ... read more