• 1.1. if i'm in luck i might get picked up
  • 1.2. anti love song
  • 1.3. your man my man
  • 1.4. ooh yea
  • 1.5. steppin' in her i. miller shoes
  • 1.6. shoo-b-doop and cop him
  • 1.7. he was a big freak
  • 1.8. don't call her no tramp
  • 2.1. git in there
  • 2.2. they say i'm different
  • 2.3. 70's blues
  • 2.4. you and i
  • 2.5. nasty girl
  • 2.6. funk
  • 2.7. getting kicked off, havin' fun
  • 2.8. shut off the light

davis, betty

this is it


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The former wife of Miles, Betty Mabry Davis is perhaps the only woman in the world who could rightfully have the following legend tattooed across her rear: THIS ASS INVENTED FUSION. While their marriage only lasted a year (1968-1969), Betty pointed the way to Miles, introducing him to the musical and material gods of revolutionary style: Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, which would have an enormous impact on his electrified musical Frankenfussion masterpiece known as Bitches Brew. Betty ruled as the mentor-muse for the original man and his music. She was fire, "a free spirit" as Miles said. Rumor holds that Miles broke things off because he suspected that his wife was tangled up in a torrid affair with Jimi Hendrix, an infidelity that she has flatly ... read more