• 1.1. black rat swing
  • 1.2. eyesight to the blind
  • 1.3. guitar & harmonica rag
  • 1.4. rising river blues
  • 1.5. i'm a pilgrim
  • 1.6. chicken can't roost too high for me
  • 1.7. i ain't got no lovin' baby now
  • 1.8. west carey street blues
  • 1.9. richmond blues
  • 1.10. pony blues
  • 1.11. goin' down the road feelin' bad.
31. Oktober 2014
Genre: Blues

bowling green john cephas & harmonica phil wiggins

living country blues vol.1


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Living Country Blues USA is a series of albums on L+R Records. The material was collected by German Blues experts Siegfried A. Christmann and Axel Küstner on an extended trip thru the south of the USA in the fall of 1980, in the form of so-called "Field-Recordings" - recordings made in the natural surroundings of the artists and not in the studio. Travelling 10.000 miles (16.000 km) by car in 2 1/2 months, they used 180.000 feet (54 km) of tape and took hundreds of photographs to document various aspects of Country Blues, as well as work songs, fife and drum band music, field hollers and rural Gospel music, performed by 35 artists, some of whom appear on record for the first time. Introducing Bowling Green John & Harmonica Phil Wiggins What is so ... read more