17. September 2021
Genre: Soul/Funk

arima soul

ez gara ikusten / see & don't see


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HIGHLIGHTS : Arima Soul, a new band coming from Basque Country, contains musicians with extensive experience in the Basque music scene. At the beginning of 2021, the band was nominated as "Best New Group" in the "Enlace Funk 2020 Awards" in Madrid, Spain. DESCRIPTION: Arima Soul ("Arima" means "Soul" in Basque language) is a new musical project initially created by Lidia Insausti (vocals) and Mikel Makala (bass), later joining Paul San Martin (keyboards) and Hilario Rodeiro (drums). With a clear influence of Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk, Groove and Jazz of the 70's, but also with an eye on contemporary Neo-Soul style. In their live shows, in addition to playing their own songs sung in Basque, they perform covers of some exponents of the genre such as ... read more